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Colour combination shown above:

Black base and top

Victoria Carved Pedestal Table



Without question, the character of the Victoria table comes from the solid wood pedestals that are cut individually and fitted with robust mouldings.  Each pedestal is carved from a 10” thick pine post.  The table has an 1 3/4” thick pine top and can be ordered in many lengths. This table can either be stained, painted or glazed. The top can have a contrasting finish to the base.



  • Code VCPT;
  • Dimensions: various lengths x 40” w x 30” h.


Our standard Stains, paints and glazes are highlighted in the samples below — these samples can vary depending on your computer monitor. In addition, finished products may vary in texture and colouration from the colour presented below, depending on wood type and grain. Therefore we recommend you contact our factory or store for further information and clarification.

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